Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deadgirl #1

Following up yesterday's art attempt, here's another. Keeping with my pattern of revisiting similar subjects, it's a re-vamped version of Deadgirl, the Deadman reboot I proposed awhile back. With all the recent controversy around DC's treatment of women in comics, I admit I'm a bit hesitant to champion a female character who is killed in the first page of the first issue, but given that the series' main storyline is about her trying to discover the identity and motive for her murder, I'm hoping that can slide.

Madison Malloy, Dead and Not Loving It.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Green Arrow #1

Inspired by the good folks over at DC Fifty Too, I figured I'd give my Green Arrow reboot another go. Given that I'm doing a bespoke, hipsterish take on Ollie, I figured it would be best to evoke one of the most loved indie rock albums of all time. Standard warnings about my inability to draw apply.

Green Arrow Reboot, Issue #1